Capturing Life's Beauty
소울 시즌스는 우리의 기억 속에 사진처럼 저장된 아름다운 삶의 순간들을 담아내는 프렌치 니치 향수 브랜드입니다.


Capturing Life's Beauty

Scents that evoke the memories of beautiful moments

Soul Seasons is a contemporary niche perfume brand that invokes one's memories and

portrays all their beautiful moments like photographs worth a thousand words.


The founders of Soul Seasons, Alexis and Min, met during their art school years in Paris. Both were nurtured by the creative atmosphere in which they were immersed as they pursued their studies in the heart of Le Marais, a Paris district renowned for its rich culture.

Today they are respectively creative director and art director, having had the privilege of working for global brands such as Louis Vuitton, Stella McCartney and Lancôme. Alexis and Min share the ability to find inspiration all around them, among the little things of everyday life and as they travel far and wide across the world.

Through Soul Seasons, the French/Korean creative duo is once again able to capture the beautiful harmony existing between the West and the East, while seeking to offer a bridge between heritage and contemporary living.

Our Perfumery

Scents by Switzerland
Firmenich was established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1895.
With over 120 years of heritage, they specialize in perfumes and aromatics.

The Largest Perfumery in the World
Firmenich is the largest perfumery in the world, and it has perfumed
and manufactured scents for countless global brands.

No.1 Fragrance Company
Firmenich ranks number one worldwide in the fine fragrance industry.
Their experience and professionalism created Soul Seasons.

They Know Fragrances
Firmenich has made scents for Ralph Lauren, Jean Paul Gaultier,
Kenzo, Jo Malone, Frederic Malle, LE LABO etc.
They are praised by global brands for their professionalism.

Our Perfumer

Marie Salamagne is a world renowned perfumer who created
the 8 scents of Soul Seasons' first and second collection.
She is proclaimed for having the ability to create scents
that leave long-lasting impressions and evoke various emotions in all its users.